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Electronic queue management (eqm) systems are now becoming more popular. The use of these systems solves several important tasks at once:
• Priority control is performed;
• Provides convenience and comfort for visitors
• Is a uniform work load of staff
• Tracking employee workload and productivity
• Eliminates the potential for conflicts between visitors
• Increases the prestige of the organization

Currently used in the Russian market of system touch kiosk, include the use of terminals and servers based on personal computers, which are distinguished by not only the complexity of the installation, implying as LAN installation and initial programming of Customer approval of technical specification, algorithm maintenance and regular maintenance of this equipment. In addition, further maintenance and making even minor changes in the current operation is impossible without the involvement of qualified programmers. As a result, the acquisition, installation and operating costs are very significant.

However, there are a large number of organizations that do not need to build multi-level hierarchical systems with the distribution of customers by highly specialized employees or departments, but simply provide customers and guests with coupons indicating the number in the queue.

We offer the simplest peer-to-peer queue management kits, HostCall-QM, for organizing an electronic queue in one office. This kit consists of an MP-171D1 operator console, an MP-171W1 visitor terminal, and an MP-771W1 led display.

Installation of the equipment is very simple: the terminal, console and tableau are connected by computer patchcords of the desired length. No programming or settings are required.

HostCall-QM electronic queue equipment is very simple and easy to understand for any user:
• At the entrance to the office, a user terminal is installed with a printer for printing coupons MP-171W1. The client presses a button on the terminal and receives a ticket with a serial number.
• While in the client room, the client is waiting for their number, which will appear on the tableau of the electronic queue. When he sees his number, he goes into the office.
• Employees of the organization, finishing serving the next customer, click on the remote control button – and the next sequential number of the ticket is displayed on the remote control and the corresponding tableau, and visitors with the number specified in the ticket approach them. An employee can also specify any number and display it on the tableau.

The simplicity of the system and no need to attract or keep qualified programmers serving this system allows us to minimize costs and allows to use these systems in large organizations, but small businesses and organizations, such as:
* Restaurants and cafes.
* Leisure and sports enterprises (billiard rooms, ice rinks, fitness centers)
• Stores and shopping centers
* Consumer service companies (beauty salons, SPA, laundries)
• Medical centers, clinics (electronic queue to the doctor on duty)

The HostCall-QM queue management system not only improves the quality of customer service in organizations, but also gives the business owner reliable information about the work of individual managers and the office as a whole. Thus, the electronic queue improves the quality of service, motivates employees, and even brings additional profit.



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 MP-771W1 The scoreboard shows the number of visitor
Price: 12 245.00 руб  
MP-771W1 The scoreboard shows the number of visitor

Tableau for displaying the user's number in the HostCall-QM electronic queue system .


 MP-171W1 User's terminal
Price: 6 460.00 руб  
MP-171W1 User's terminal

The MP-171W1 visitor terminal is designed for printing tickets with numbers from "001" to "999".


 MP-171D1 Attendant console
Price: 4 158.00 руб  
MP-171D1 Attendant console

The MP-171D1 operator panel is designed for calling users to the office.


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